My Open Source Projects

List of my little creations:

Repos for (building → releasing → hosting) Windows executables

Projects related to foobar2000 audio player foobar2000 logo

Projects in C++ C++ logo

Projects in Python python logo

HTML & JavaScript html5 logo

  • Star bencode online: Bencode & bdecode in your browser.
  • Star slim bookmarks: Remove meta data in exported bookmarks file.
  • Star wifi-card-svg: Print/save a QR code for connecting to your WiFi (fork of bndw/wifi-card)
  • Star bmhs: Boyer–Moore–Horspool algorithm that works with JS Array & TypedArray.
  • Star kmps: Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm that works with JS Array & TypedArray.

Some helper programs I wrote when I was dealing with kernel u32 filters

ArchLinux packages archlinux logo


Last, the projects that I contributed to, see the list here.

Updated on July 14, 2023